How do I get my hands on Copper Valley Fish Collective salmon?

Wild Salmon Shares

We take orders for our 50lb “fill your freezer” wild salmon shares each spring and deliver these bulk orders of flash-frozen, vacuum-packed portions of wild Alaskan salmon at the end of our season in the fall. We ship overnight via Fedex right to your door. Freezer already half full? Don’t be afraid to split a share with your neighbor! If you live in or pass through Anchorage, you can opt for free local pick-up of our “fill your freezer” shares.


Salmon Hubs

We strive to think of creative ways to shorten the distance between food producers and eaters. We partner with small-scale CSA and educational farms across the United States to distribute our salmon so that you can purchase wild salmon directly from a fisherman. You can read more about our farmer friends on our Salmon Hub page and find out if we ship to a farm near you!

Community Hubs: We also have several “community hubs” run by individuals who are dedicated to sourcing their food directly from producers. They host a hub in their neighborhood so that they and their friends and colleagues can place a bulk salmon share order. Check out our Salmon Hub map to see if there is a Community Hub near you. If you want to start a Salmon Hub in your community, drop us an email, and we can add you to our Salmon Hub map so others in your area can find you!


Smoked Salmon

Our salmon season runs from May-September. We work with a local processor to alder-smoke and hand-pack our wild salmon into shelf-stable jars, tins, and pouches to preserve our harvest all winter long. Stock your pantry from our online shop with snacks to grab and go or have on hand for a quick, healthy, and delicious meal. Smoked salmon is a special treat, even among fisherman, and makes a perfect gift!


Special Orders

Looking for a source of wild Alaskan salmon for a special event? We are always open to special orders of smoked or frozen salmon – just drop us a note at, and we’ll get back to you quickly.