Our Salmon Hubs

We strive to think of creative ways to shorten the distance between food producers and eaters. We partner with small-scale CSA and educational farms across the United States to distribute our salmon so that you can purchase wild salmon directly from a fisherman. Search the map below to find one of our farmer friends near you, and then head to their farm website to order our wild salmon!

Community Hubs: We also have several “community hubs” run by individuals who are dedicated to sourcing their food directly from producers. They host a hub in their neighborhood so that they and their friends and colleagues can place a bulk salmon share order (like an old school Buyer’s Club). These hubs are listed below so you can find a hub to join in your community. If you want to start a Salmon Hub in your community, drop us an email, and we can add you to our Salmon Hub map so others in your area can find you!

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