Welcome to Copper Valley Fish Collective

We are so proud of our salmon. It’s easy to be when you fish in the Copper River Delta. The wild runs near our port are the gem of Alaska. Naturally full of healthy oils to fuel their long trip up the glacial-fed river to their birthplace, the rich flavor and deep color of Copper River salmon are coveted throughout the state. We are also proud to be independent, small business owners. We hand-pick each fish out of our net, put it on ice, and deliver it to the docks within hours so that you receive the highest quality salmon possible. It is important to us to fill our bellies with a healthy, sustainable diet that supports diversified and small-scale production methods. We are so excited to be able to bite off a little piece of the food system to make it our own. Join us in supporting our sustainable salmon fishery. We can’t wait to tell you more about our catch!